History 427 Spring 1997

Power and Society in Medieval Europe and Japan:
Through the Lens of Western Historiography

Profs. Joan Piggott and Paul Hyams

Office Hours:

  • Piggott (MG 348; 255-1881; jrp5@cornell.edu) T 1:30 - 3:30

    Hyams (MG 307; 257-3168; prh3@cornell.edu) MF 1:30-2:30,
    also M 5-5:30 (Class of "18 Hall, West Campus)

Required Texts

  • John Hall, From Prehistory to Modern Times
    John Hall, Government and Local Power in Japan 500-1700
    Carl Steenstrup, Höjö Shigetoki
    Helen McCullough, ed., Genji and Heike

    Edward Peters, Europe and the Middle Ages (3rd edn.)
    H.G. Koenigsberger, Europe 400-1500
    David Crouch, William Marshal
    Lancelot of the Lake
    , tr. Corley or The Nibelungenlied, tr. Hatto
    Susan Reynolds, Fiefs and Vassals

Optional Texts

  • Joan Piggott, Readings in Classical Japanese History and Readimgs in Medieval Japanese History
    Jacques Le Goff, Medieval Civilization 400-1500
    Bernard Hamilton, Religion in the Medieval West (Shelved under HISTORY 262)

    In this seminar we attempt to look comparatively and critically at a sampling of historiography concerning medieval Europe and Japan. Our objective is not to present sketch histories of either world during the Middle Ages. Rather, we want to promote discussion of approaches to medieval history, with special focus on cross-cultural issues such as "orientalism" and how to look at "other histories" from the inside out. During the seminar, advantages as well as difficulties of historiographical openness to the world will be come clearer. By the end of term, other objectives will undoubtedly have identified themselves. This seminar is, after all, experimental territory. There has been very little interchange between historians of medieval Europe and Japan; and to the best of our knowledge, this is the first course of its kind to have been been offered at an American university.

Students will be required to complete the following:

  • A Prelim;
    one Research Paper with a comparative component, displaying a substantial element of comparison between Europe and Japan (the title to be cleared with both professors);
    and performance as discussant.
  • Regular attendance and energetic participation in seminar discussion is expected.
  • Interested students may also attend lectures for Hist 190 (T, Th 9:05 - 9:55, McGraw 165) and, especially in the first 4 weeks, Hist 262 (MWF 11:15 - 12:05 UH 690).

Some texts have been ordered and are available in the bookstores, shelved under History 427. Others will be available only in the library. Core readings have been placed on Reserve in Uris Library. It is the responsibility of the discussants for the week to check that their week's readings are available on Reserve. Should anything be unavailable, please let one of us know early in the week! Carla Bahn, the invaluable Uris Reserve supervisor, is very helpful and may sometimes be able to solve the problem on the spot.

N.B. Two particularly useful reference works are the Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan (in Olin/Kroch & Uris, +DS805 K76) and the Dictionary of the Middle Ages (Olin +D114.D55 and Uris D114.D55). On Japan, the eternal problem is to find respectable studies in English. The Cambridge History of Japan (only vols. 1 & 3 published to date) will make a helpful start when complete. Japanese readers (sic!) will find the Shögakukan Kokushi Daijiten extremely useful.

Jan 22 -- First Week Planning, Overview

Jan 29 -- Second Week Introduction to Medieval Europe I

  • Peters, Parts I, III-IV (140pp.)

    LeGoff, Chaps. 1, 2 (140pp.)
    T. Skocpol, "Uses of Comparative History"

Feb 5 -- Third Week An Introduction to Medieval Japan I

  • John Hall, From Prehistory to Modern Times, 48-102
    John Hall, Government & Local Power, 99-154
    B. Batten, "Provincial Administration in Japan", Harvard J. of Asiatic Studies 53.1

    Optional: J. Piggott, Readings in Classical Japanese History & Readings in Medieval History (297 Readers)

Feb 12 -- Fourth Week Medieval Europe II

  • Peters, Parts, V-VI (140pp.) with cross-ref to relevant articles in DMA

    Optional: LeGoff, Chaps. 3, 4 (140 pp.)

Feb 19 -- Fifth Week Medieval Japan II: "Later Medieval" in Japan -- When and What?

  • John Hall, From Prehistory to Modern Times, 102-59
    Nagahara Keiji & K. Yamamura essays in Cambridge History of Japan, vol. II, pp. 301-95

    Optional: K. Grossberg, Japanese Remaissance

Feb 26 -- Sixth Week Warrior Ethos in the Medieval Anglo-French World

  • David Crouch, William Marshal

March 5 -- Seventh Week Warrior Ethos in Early Medieval Japan

  • Carl Steenstrup, Höjö Shigetoki

    Optional: F. Jouon des Longrais', Age de Kamakura and L'Est et L'Ouest
    T. Tonomura, Women and Proeprty
    H. Wakita, "Marriage and Property", J. Japanese Studies 10. 1

March 12 -- Eighth Week Local History: Southern Burgundy and the Maconnais, 10th-12th c.

SPRING BREAK, March 15-24

March 26 -- Ninth Week Local history: Bizen in West Japan, 13th-16th c.

  • Joan Piggott, " A Jito's Success: The Nakazawa Jito of Oyama Estate" (with documents)
    Kozo Yamamura, "Tara in Transition: A Study of a Kamakura Shoen"
    Nagahara Keiji, "Village Communities and Daimyo Power"

    Hall, Government & Local Power, 155-90, 209-70
    Hall, "Foundations of the Modern Japanese Daimyo", in Piggott, Readings in Medieval Japanese History

Prelim Due

April 2 -- Tenth Week Bonds of Society: Examining the Feudal Model I

  • J.R. Strayer, "Feudalism," in DMA Vol. 5, 52-56
    John Hall, "Feudalism in Japan" (?)
    Mass, "Yoritomo & Feudalism", in Mass, Antiquity, 70-90
    John Hall, "The Feudal Age," in Japan from Prehistory, 75-134
    Susan Reynolds, Fiefs and Vassals, chaps 1-3, Conclusion with Reviews by PRH and F.L. Cheyette
    J. Dunbabin, France in the Making, pp. 108-17, 232-37, 358-65

    Optional: E. Brown, "The Tyranny of a Construct: Feudalism & Historians of the Middle Ages," AHR 79, 1063-88
    B. Tierney, The Middle Ages I, pp. 127-28, 130, 134
    D.Chirot, "The Social and Historical Landscape of Marc Bloch", in Skocpol, Vision
    P. Duus, Feudalism in Japan
    Piggott, Birth of the Samurai (Select Readings & Documents)

    Nagahara Keiji, "Village Communities & Daimyo Power",
    Kozo Yamamura, "Tara in Transition: A Study of a Kamakura Shoen"
    Joan Piggott, "A Jito's success: The Nakazawa Jito of Oyama Estate"

April 9 -- Eleventh Week Law and Law Courts in 2 Medieval Societies: England & Japan

  • Carl Steenstrup, "Principles of Civil Litigation" and "The Legal System"
    J.H. Hudson, The Formation of the English Common Law (1996), chaps. 6-8 (80 pp.)

    Johnson and Earle, Evolution of Human Societies, 246-325

April 16 -- Twelfth Week The Warrior Hero in Medieval Europe

  • The Nibelungenlied or Lancelot of the Lake (selections)

April 23 -- Thirteenth Week The Warrior Hero in Medieval Japan: Perspectives from the "Heike"

  • Handouts of Go-Shirakawa's proclamation of 1156, Heike Chronology etc.
    Helen McCullough, trans., Genji & Heike: Intro, 259-90, 300-337, 371-61, (370-97), 398-435, 446-58 & note maps etc. at back of book.

    Mass, "The Emergence of the Kamakura Bakufu", in Hall & Mass, Medieval Japan, 127-56
    B. Ruch, "The Other Side of Culture in Medieval Japan", in Cambridge History of Japan, vol. 3, 531-43
    Barbara Arnn, Medieval Fiction & History in the Heike Monogatari
    J. Piggott (transl.), "Ishimoda Sho's Perspectives on the Medieval World" (available from J.P)
    Jin'ichi Konishi, A History of Japanese Literature, vol. 3, 331-49
    Kenneth Butler, "The Heike & Japanese Warrior Ethic", Harvard J. of Asiatic Studies 29 (1969)
    T. Hasegawa, "Early Stages of the Heike", Monumenta Nipponoica 22. 1-2 (1967)
    K. Butler, "The Heike & Theories of Oral Epic Literature"
    (available from J.P)
    Aldo Scaglione, Knights at Court

    Do note also the Cornell symposium on "Heike Performances" to be held August 15-17 with star-studded cast from Japan and the US. All are welcome to sit in on presentations.

April 30 -- Fourteenth Week Religion in Medieval Europe/England and Japan??

  • Robert Morrell, Kamakura Buddhism, A Minority report (Selections)
    John Hall, "The Sixteenth Century Revolution" in Piggott, Readings in Medieval Japanese History, 315-22

    Bernard Hamilton, Religion in the Medieval West (Campus Store HISTORY 262 shelf)

    Optional: James Foard, "A Lost Reformation", Japanese J. of Religious Studies 7. 4
    Miyazaki, Fumiko, "Religious Life of the Kamakura Bushi", Monumenta Nipponica
    Joseph Lynch, The Medieval Church

Final paper due May 10
  • STUDY PERIOD, May 4-7

    EXAM PERIOD, May 8-16

    E&OE prh & jrp/1-97